The NEW Royal Sparkler!

Meghans ring is a classic beauty, a trilogy setting in yellow gold with all the characteristics that make the ideal engagement ring.
Designed by her fiancé Harry, handcrafted by Cleave and Company (Jeweller to the Queen), and set with a stunning centre diamond nestled between two diamonds from Princess Dianas personal collection – it has it all….
We are still trying to get the details on the ring, however the centre stone is known to have been ethically mined in Botswana and rumoured to be in the 5.00ct range in a cushion cut – this being flanked by two round diamonds that belonged to Harrys’ mother – these diamonds alone and their provenance make this ring priceless.
The buzz is that Meghans preference for yellow gold will now have effects throughout the world in new collections – while white gold has been the dominant colour choice for engagement rings in the last two decades, there has already been a slow change towards Rose gold and yellow gold in the market place, and the choice of yellow for the latest Royal ring will no doubt hasten that change.
There are already thousands of replicas hitting the stores, but remember the Trilogy offers so many alternatives, as you can combine any number of different diamond cuts to make your own trilogy ring unique.


Love is Love!

Love is Love – it really is that simple!


“Colour Our World….”

For those of you hoping for that special ring this year, why not bring some colour into your world.

Whilst Diamonds have been the ‘go-to’ choice for engagement rings in recent history, this has not always been so. Today’s woman wants a combination of an elegant and classic design but with a personal touch. To really stand out with a diamond you generally need to go bigger, or ironically, to a coloured diamond – which can do considerable harm to the budget!

So how do you find something original, personal, and eye popping? You guessed it – Colour!

With so many stunning hues to choose from, a beautiful gemstone will bring unparalleled individuality to your ring. Whether you love deep rich colour, or the softest touch, there is a stone for you.

Whilst Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby have been the most popular choices historically, there are so many more. Morganite, and Aquamarine are celebrity favourites, Pink Sapphire & Topaz – soft and pretty, or if you prefer a diamond check out the well-priced Champagnes & Cognacs (which unlike the Pink and Blues are excellent value) or for real Drama check out the Black Diamonds.

So if you are looking at stepping outside the norm, ask us about the wonderful world of coloured stones. Anyone who has ever studied gemstones would love to share the beauties and intricacies that brings colour to our world.


Picture Perfect

During our travels we find pieces that we just have to set. That’s how we felt about this beautiful picture agate which had been polished and inlaid into Onyx. Probably not a stone many of you are aware of in Jewellery, (more a rock specimen at your local crystal store). This is natures handiwork, requiring only a light polish from the Lapidary. During polishing a few select stones reveal a work of art – sometimes a city scape, sometimes a landscape or seascape, but always beautiful.

Every single piece is individual. It didn’t need much to enhance it, just a simple 9ct gold frame to allow it to seen. Had to share it with you….


Tourmaline – Gemstone for October

Whilst Opal has historically been recognised as the official birthstone of October, Tourmaline is also a stone for October, and is quickly taking hold as the gemstone of choice.

Firstly it comes in such a great range of colours – it is tough – and so more wearable for today’s modern woman – but also comes in colours and prices to suit every pocket.

The stone above is called a ‘Watermelon’ and is a slice across a Tourmaline crystal. You can see the rich greens (and often blues) in the outer ‘skin’ of the crystal which then changes into the yellows, lemons and clear colours and finally into the deep reds and pinks at the centre. Unlike some other gems though, all these colours can be found in large sizes.

The value of Tourmaline covers every price point. The more common forms can be fairly inexpensive, but the rarer and more exotic colours can command very high prices. Chrome Tourmaline (a rich deep green) and the Paraiba (an almost neon turquoise blue) are the two rarest and most expensive of the range, followed by the red ‘Rubellite’ and blue ‘Indicolite’.

The Tourmaline is believed to enhance circulation, weight loss and detoxification – and for those of you who scoff at the healing nature of gems – this is the one you should consider checking out, as many believe that due to its energising of the circulatory system, it helps promote sexual interest and vigor…. Did that get your attention?

So for those of you who are October babies, and terrified of wearing Opals due to their softness, check out these beautiful stones, you won’t be disappointed….



Although September is well under way, we have all been waiting for signs that Spring is truly here. Personally I am a winter hibernator, so come September I’m looking for any sign of a change of season, which we all know is a bit late this year….. that’s why I was delighted to see this set of Sapphires with it’s magical array of Rainbow colours. Certainly made me smile…

We all know Sapphire is the birthstone of September, we all know Sapphire is Blue…don’t we?

Well blue is certainly the colour we all grew up with, but it actually comes in every colour of the rainbow from white to lemons, yellows, greens, pinks and purples – with one exception….Red… these you know as Rubies.

So why have we not spent more time enjoying these magnificent gemstones? There is such a variety of colour to suit every taste, are available in most sizes, cuts, colours and tones, and being the next hardest wearing gemstone next to Diamond – fantastic for every day use – including engagement rings.

I confess I’m biased, my own ring has a beautiful Ceylon Sapphire – with just a hint of purple- and the diamonds around it gives contrast and lightness. Whilst we all love a diamond, it’s hard to see it’s character…. But a coloured gemstone is as individual as you are.

We hope the colours lift your spirits too as we hold out for some warmth….

Now how are we going to set these? Mmmmm…… we’ll keep you posted.



Superb Five Star Review by Hari B


The Dream Ring Collection

As always, Jewellery Design Studio is constantly expanding it’s engagement ring collection. The Dream Collection is the new range in store – bringing you classics – with a twist…

These rings can be adjusted to accommodate a range of metal types and diamond sizes to suit your needs.



Is it time to revalue your jewellery?


With the wet and windy season here, now is a good time to consider reviewing whether you should have your Jewellery re valued. At JDS we have a little more time this month, before wedding season starts with a rush in September. So take advantage of this amazing offer to value your items at special discount prices.

Is it time to revalue?

Jewellery Valuations are one of those things that few of us think about. We buy a piece of Jewellery, take it home and hopefully have much pleasure in wearing. Many Jewellery purchases are aligned to special events in our lives – engagement, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and so it seems inappropriate to dwell on value.

Should those items be stolen within the first year or two, then receipts, etc will probably be easy to locate or replace, but what about inherited jewellery, or those pieces that somehow are now 10-20-30 yrs old? How do you protect their value adequately?

What do you have to prove the value of your items?

Have valuations? Why should you revalue your jewellery?

Jewellery values are subject to external market forces, primarily changes to gold prices, US/AUD exchange rates, as well as fashion trends.

For example since 2001 Australian Gold prices have increased from the late 1990’s to today by over 350%!!

2012 -2014 was the best time in recent history to buy that diamond ring – why? Due to the strength of the Australian dollar, diamond prices dropped drastically, but what’s the value today?

What are the costs?

It depends. There are Jewellers who provide valuations, and there are Registered Valuers. The former provide the cheaper option, but may not be up to date on new technologies, imitations, synthetics and enhancements, neither would they have been trained necessarily in valuing antiques, or other specialist items.

Registered Valuers are members of the NCJV (National Council of Jewellery Valuers) and are not only qualified Gemmologists, have been accredited as Valuers by examination, they are also committed to ongoing education in their chosen field.

To identify a Registered Valuer visit or ask to see their seal and Registered Valuation number.

At JDS we have two Registered Valuers working side by side.


Peridot – ‘Gem of the Sun’ – Birthstone for August

There are several schools of thought for the pronunciation of Peridot, but in Australia it is generally pronounced with the ‘T’ at the end. (pair–uh-dot’)

Peridot is the Gem form of Olivine, and called Chrysolite in some countries. It is quite unique among gemstones as it is one of the few stones found in one colour only – Green. They range from yellowy- green to the most valuable olive green and are generally classed as a semi precious stone, however larger stones are rarer, and their prices are more comparable to other top quality gems.

Historically they were mined in Southern Egypt and the stone was associated with the Sun God Ra, hence the name – Gem of the Sun – although ironically the miners would search for the stones by night, as their colour showed more clearly by the light of the moon…..

Today the majority of commercial grade stones come from Arizona in the U.S., but the finest stones are to be found in Kashmir, Myanmar & Afghanistan.

The Peridot is called ‘The visionary’ stone – the colour refreshing the mind & enabling us to see & learn from our mistakes & enhancing our intuition. The stone is also used as a powerful tonic for the metabolic and intestinal organs.

Traditionally Peridot is associated with the month of August, and the Zodiac sign of Libra , and is the Anniversary gift for 16yrs of marriage – but take a fresh look at this beautiful gemstone, light and joyful and perfect to welcome Spring into your life.