Bracelet & Bangles

Whether you prefer a shiny row of jangling slip-on bangles or a bolder stand-alone piece, at Jewellery Design Studio, we create bangles & bracelets for all. A bangle is a beautiful conduit to express yourself, whether it reflects a current trend or a personal journey. A bangle has the space to allow you to express yourself, and bespoke bangles allow for the ultimate creativity to enjoy a very personal piece of jewellery.

Our custom jewellery pieces have extended from a pearl set Octopus collecting shells to a journey of world travel, a display of nuggets from the Australian desert, a passion for surfing, and a reminder of home featuring Celtic knots. Once again, the stories write themselves.

Our designers and jewellers can assist you in creating a bangle using our materials or yours – bangles can vastly enhance the value of old or broken gold jewellery and absorb many of those smaller stones that are seemingly mismatched. Talk to us your local jewellery store Joondalup about creating your precious heirloom.