Dress & Statement Rings

Statement & dress rings are a designer jeweller’s joy with a little more freedom to express creativity and show off differing techniques, larger stones, and individuality. They can be all diamond or set with coloured gemstones, or perhaps a mixture of colours in the style of a Cocktail ring, or some can even simply be gold.

Their sole purpose is to ‘show off,’ ‘catch the eye ‘ of everyone around, and generally have that ‘look at me’ quality. Many of these pieces become someone’s signature ring, and people remember and comment if the piece is not being worn.

Many remodelled pieces become statement rings because we are often incorporating stones from several sources into one ring. When does a dress ring become a statement ring? Probably by being worn, recognised and associated with a particular person.

A dress ring was traditionally worn on ‘special occasions,’ but the joy today is that we see that any moment can be a ‘special occasion,’ be it a birthday dinner or your child’s first Sportsday race! Just remember that some of the gemstones may be less strong and unsuitable for gardening, and check with your designer jewellery expert on how and when to wear your piece.