Bespoke Design

At Jewellery Design Studio, we have honed our skills over the last 30 years to provide the very best in innovative design and craftsmanship for our clients.

As Gemmologists & Diamond Specialists we are also able to advise you on the best Diamonds & Gems to compliment your design, and ensure that all our stones are ethically sourced.

We invite you to have an individual piece of jewellery designed right in front of you. One of our greatest skills is listening to what you want, and designing by hand means we can present you with several design ideas in a very short space of time, drawn to scale – so no ideas are exaggerated, and ‘on the spot adjustments’ can be made in moments.

We do not charge for our consultations – one of the joys of our business is being able to sit down and play with design, so please come in and challenge us!

We also believe that a Picture paints a thousand words, so here are a few examples of pieces we have custom designed.

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