Designer Diamond Engagement Rings Perth

Tips for the boys

Buying engagement rings is easy – right? You only need to know the correct stone shape & size, whether your beloved would like a solitaire, trilogy, halo or random cluster, a Diamond, Lab Diamond, or a coloured stone, and of course, finger size! That’s before we discuss qualities, the 4 or 5 C’s, and whether your ring will tick the ‘Eco’ box!

We feel for those trying to find the best engagement rings in Perth. It can be confusing, contradictory, and uncomfortable. What would help? Speaking with someone who understands and has the knowledge to provide you with answers to all your questions in a friendly environment? If it’s not on the shelf, we will step into designer mode to provide you with ideas for the most unique engagement rings in Perth designing with you in-store.

Tips for the girls

For many of you, your ideal designer engagement ring is already there in your head. You may have been anticipating this day and know what will make your heart sing – perhaps conveying those ideas to your loved one may be more challenging than it might be – So girls, make sure your Bestie, Sister, or Mum knows the basics and can provide appropriate ‘insights’ to the love of your life.

For those of you who are not so sure about what feels suitable for you – we get it – we can gently walk you through the different styles  – and just like dresses, you will know when you see them on your hands which is the most flattering for you – and be assured none of our mirrors are ‘enhanced’!

So make a free appointment today to sit with our designer who will design with you – for the best diamond engagement rings in Perth.