La Flora

Bella Vanasco was inspired by her love of fashion, the desire for entrepreneurship, and her father’s jewellery business to create her accessory line, La Flora.

The name, meaning ‘The Flower’ in Spanish, is a play on her Argentinian background, which she wanted to embody throughout the brand, believing that an individual’s heritage is what creates the core roots and foundations within themselves.

La Flora Jewellery isn’t just a brand, but within itself, it exemplifies beauty, family, and personal growth. Its signature peony, used throughout the line, is identified throughout many cultures to represent ‘beauty in all forms,’ which the brand aims to embody. However, the peony also holds a significant personal meaning to Bella, as it is her sister’s birth flower; she has the flower tattooed on her body as a constant reminder of the unbreakable sister bond that they share.

La Flora aims to create high quality, unique and authentic pieces crafted and designed to make women radiate youth and beauty.