Lab Grown Diamonds are now readily available in the marketplace. What does this mean when you are looking to make a purchase, in terms of value, longevity and quality?

Lab Grown Diamonds (also referred to as created, synthetic or man-made Diamonds) are now readily available in the marketplace. We have found that clients are currently raising many questions regarding what the differences are between those mined from the ground and those made by man. Should we effectively avoid them or embrace them?

How will your choice impact wearability? Durability? Costs and long-term values? Are man- made diamonds a ‘greener’ option? We have endeavoured to answer these questions below, with the facts that are currently available to assist you in making the right choice for you.

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Lab Grown Diamonds are produced in large facilities using advanced technology which duplicates the conditions needed to allow a diamond crystal to form. The diamonds produced have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as one mined from the Earth’s crust.

It requires specialist equipment to differentiate between Lab Grown and naturally occurring diamonds, which is why it is important these days to ensure that your diamonds are properly Internationally Certified or Valued by an expert such as a Registered Valuer.

No – A diamond simulant is a material with different chemical, physical and optical properties to Diamonds and Lab Grown Diamonds, but with a visual similarity. A simulant may be a natural gemstone such as Quartz or white Sapphire, or man-made such as Moissanite, Cubic Zirconia and glass. There have also been many Branded man-made colourless stones designed to trick the eye into believing the stone is a Diamond. Unfortunately, apart from Moissanite, most will not provide a lifetime of wear we have come to expect from diamond jewellery.

In all aspects, Lab Grown Diamonds are verified with the same colour, cut, carat and clarity gradings as their natural counterparts. With the naked eye your Lab Grown Diamond will shine as bright as a mined one and last a lifetime. Lab created diamonds are also currently being Certified & laser inscribed by all the independent global grading companies such as GIA, IGI & HRD in the larger sizes.

This enables you to make a direct comparison when choosing whether to purchase Lab Grown or natural Diamonds. For diamonds of equal size and grading the only difference should be in the price. Our experts at Jewellery Design Studio can assist you locally with information on Lab Grown Diamonds Perth.

Certainly, the Lab Grown Diamond Industry is trying to assure us that their production is eco-friendly. These numbers are yet to be clearly defined as we are informed that the cost of production of Lab Grown, and mining of natural Diamonds are similar.

With traditional mining there are issues of damage to land as well as historically questionable human rights issues in certain countries. Over the past few decades, the industry has spent billions to improve not only their impact on the environment, but in changes to mining practices and the establishment of the Kimberly Process designed to remove conflict diamonds from the Global supply chain.

The next decade will reveal whether one or both Industries hold up to their environmental claims.

With the sale of Lab Grown Diamonds being very new to the marketplace, the prices have been up and down. As with any gemstone purchase there are factors which affect the value of an individual stone other than carat weight. However, it is certain that the Lab Grown diamonds – carat for carat – are extremely well priced, in some cases close to 30% of natural diamond prices of equal quality and size.

With Lab Grown Diamonds being created under ideal conditions, it also means that you are more likely to be able to purchase a stone of better colour and clarity, as well as a larger size for your money.

Absolutely! All colours are available in differing hues, meaning that those rare colours of pinks and blues and vivid yellows are now more readily available in your price range.

Like any new technology it takes a few years to pay off costs of manufacture, and get a product known and accepted in the marketplace. If the demand is high, we may then see new major producers’ step into the marketplace to take advantage of the market, putting downward pressure on prices.

The general feeling is that they are unlikely to increase in value in the same way as natural diamonds, but there is uncertainty on future pricing for both products. The stability of pricing in the natural diamond market is due to control by a small number of Cartels, such as De Beers. Should the world choose to embrace lab grown diamonds as a gemstone of choice may have an impact on natural diamond prices to allow them to compete side by side.

Currently natural Diamonds slowly increase in value over the years, and certain colours – such as Argyle pinks, yellows and blues have seen larger increased values of late following the closure of the Argyle mine.

We would not currently recommend a Lab Grown Diamond for Investment purposes, but likewise we would urge caution in purchasing a mined diamond simply for this purpose.

N.B. Please note we are not Investment Brokers and would recommend discussion and research before purchasing any Gemstone for investment purposes.

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