‘Natural’ versus ‘Lab Grown’ Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds are now readily available in the marketplace. What does this mean when you are looking to make a purchase, in terms of value, longevity and quality?

What are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab Grown Diamonds are produced in large facilities using advanced technology which duplicates the conditions required to allow a diamond crystal to form. The Diamond produced has the same physical, chemical and optical properties as one mined from the Earth’s crust.

It requires specialist equipment to differentiate between Lab Grown and naturally occurring Diamonds, which is why it is important these days to ensure that your diamonds are properly Certified or Valued by an expert such as a Registered Valuer.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds graded differently?

In all aspects, Lab Grown Diamonds are graded under the same conditions and with the same colour, cut, carat and clarity gradings as their natural counterparts. Your Lab Grown Diamond will shine as bright as a mined one, and last a lifetimeLab Grown Diamonds are also currently being Certified by the International grading companies such as GIA, IGI & HRD in the larger sizes, and these certificates are recommended for any sizeable stones and these are also usually Laser Inscribed clearly identifying them as Lab Grown stones.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds ‘Greener‘?

Certainly, the Lab Grown Diamond Industry is trying to assure us that their production is less detrimental on the environment. These numbers are yet to be clearly defined as we are informed that the cost of production of Lab Grown and mining of natural Diamonds are fairly similar.

With traditional mining there are issues of damage to land as well as some historically questionable Human Rights issues in certain countries. Over the past few decades the Industry has spent millions to improve not only it’s impact on the environment, but in changes to mining practices and the establishment of the Kimberly Process designed to remove conflict diamonds from the Global supply chain.

In our opinion we need another decade of production to be able to accurately advise whether this new Industry holds up to its environmental claims.

Will a Lab Grown Diamond retain their value long term?

Like any new technology it takes a few years to pay off costs of manufacture, and get a product known and accepted in the marketplace. It will also depend on whether any new major producers step into the marketplace, putting pressure on prices, and of course whether you, the public, embrace this new product.

In our opinion, they are unlikely to increase in value in the same way as natural Diamonds, but there is certainly uncertainty on future pricing for both products. We would not currently recommend a Lab Grown Diamond for Investment purposes, but likewise we would advise caution in purchasing a mined diamond simply for investment purposes.

Currently natural Diamonds are increasing marginally in value over the years, and certain colours – such as Argyle Pinks have increased dramatically.

N.B. Please note we are not Investment Brokers and would recommend discussion and research before investing in any Gemstone.

is the price difference between the two?

With the sale of Lab Grown Diamonds being very new to the marketplace, the prices have been up and down. As with any gemstone purchase there are many factors which affect the value of an individual stone other than carat weight. However, it is certain that the Lab Grown diamonds carat for carat are very well priced.

Can you buy Coloured Lab Grown Diamonds?

Absolutely! All colours are available in differing hues, meaning that those rare colours of Pinks and Blues and vivid yellow are now likely available in your price range.

Can you buy Coloured Lab Grown Diamonds?

Absolutely! All colours are available in differing hues, meaning that those rare colours of Pinks and Blues and vivid yellow are now likely available in your price range.

Most of our customers attend our store to purchase a special piece – be it an engagement ring, or special Birthday or Anniversary gift. There are many factors that play into their choices, but mostly they are emotional or financial ones.

A Lab Grown diamond will possibly enable you to have more or larger stones in your chosen jewellery piece – for others to own a natural mined diamond is still their dream.

Some will feel they may be making a ‘greener’ choice by purchasing Lab Grown. Other will be waiting for more evidence on that score.

At JDS we specialise in creating a piece that will make you smile whatever your choice of Gemstone – in participating in the design of your piece, remember the experience of that special occasion will be the lasting memory.

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