Tourmaline – Gemstone for October

Whilst Opal has historically been recognised as the official birthstone of October, Tourmaline is also a stone for October, and is quickly taking hold as the gemstone of choice.

Firstly it comes in such a great range of colours – it is tough – and so more wearable for today’s modern woman – but also comes in colours and prices to suit every pocket.

The stone above is called a ‘Watermelon’ and is a slice across a Tourmaline crystal. You can see the rich greens (and often blues) in the outer ‘skin’ of the crystal which then changes into the yellows, lemons and clear colours and finally into the deep reds and pinks at the centre. Unlike some other gems though, all these colours can be found in large sizes.

The value of Tourmaline covers every price point. The more common forms can be fairly inexpensive, but the rarer and more exotic colours can command very high prices. Chrome Tourmaline (a rich deep green) and the Paraiba (an almost neon turquoise blue) are the two rarest and most expensive of the range, followed by the red ‘Rubellite’ and blue ‘Indicolite’.

The Tourmaline is believed to enhance circulation, weight loss and detoxification – and for those of you who scoff at the healing nature of gems – this is the one you should consider checking out, as many believe that due to its energising of the circulatory system, it helps promote sexual interest and vigor…. Did that get your attention?

So for those of you who are October babies, and terrified of wearing Opals due to their softness, check out these beautiful stones, you won’t be disappointed….