Spring Colours

Although September is well under way, we have all been waiting for signs that Spring is truly here. Personally I am a winter hibernator, so come September I’m looking for any sign of a change of season, which we all know is a bit late this year….. that’s why I was delighted to see this set of Sapphires with it’s magical array of Rainbow colours. Certainly made me smile…

We all know Sapphire is the birthstone of September, we all know Sapphire is Blue…don’t we?

Well blue is certainly the colour we all grew up with, but it actually comes in every colour of the rainbow from white to lemons, yellows, greens, pinks and purples – with one exception….Red… these you know as Rubies.

So why have we not spent more time enjoying these magnificent gemstones? There is such a variety of colour to suit every taste, are available in most sizes, cuts, colours and tones, and being the next hardest wearing gemstone next to Diamond – fantastic for every day use – including engagement rings.

I confess I’m biased, my own ring has a beautiful Ceylon Sapphire – with just a hint of purple- and the diamonds around it gives contrast and lightness. Whilst we all love a diamond, it’s hard to see it’s character…. But a coloured gemstone is as individual as you are.

We hope the colours lift your spirits too as we hold out for some warmth….

Now how are we going to set these? Mmmmm…… we’ll keep you posted.