Mens Memorial rings

Memorial rings are designed to commemorate a loved one who has passed away. They can be worn by anyone who wants to keep the memory of the deceased close to their heart. The ring shown here has been made in 9ct yellow gold and set with a black Onyx - a traditional colour of mourning. All precious metals and silver may be used, and may feature gemstones or engravings that honor the person who has passed. These memorial rings are designed to hold a small amount of the ashes of the deceased. The design and style of the ring can vary widely, from simple and understated to elaborate and ornate. Many people find comfort in wearing a memorial ring as a way to keep their loved one's memory alive and close to them at all times. Make an appointment with our Designer in store to discuss.



Ref: JDSMem

Metal: Available in Silver 9ct, 14ct and 18ct golds and Platinum.

Stones: Shown here with Onyx