Mens Family Crest rings & Seal Rings

The history of the Family Crests goes back over a 1000 years, and each Family would have specific symbols representing their History. These would have been emblazoned on shields, and homes, and is an Heraldic representation of a families unique story, achievements and beliefs. Traditionally a 'Seal' ring would be engraved 'Intaglio', however on the hand, mottos and family names would be a mirror image and more difficult to read, as it was pressed into wax to provide a positive impression on the seal . The bolder Crest rings have embossed detail so that mottos and names and the crest is easy to read. A beautiful piece of Jewellery which will become a Family Heirloom. Book an appointment with our Designer today to explore your Family history and create a memorable item of jewellery as rings or pendant. All rings designed and Manufactured by Jewellery Design Studio to order.



Each ring is designed and crafted to individual needs.

Available in Stirling Silver, 9ct, 14ct & 18ct golds.