Why have one beautiful gemstone when you can have more?
Cluster rings are a stunning and unique choice for those looking to add flair to their jewellery collection. These rings feature multiple gemstones at the centre, all diamonds or a combination of different coloured stones. The design can be symmetrical or asymmetrical, delicate or bold, making it a versatile choice for any style. One popular variation of cluster rings is the halo design, which features a central diamond or gemstone surrounded by a row of smaller diamonds. This design gives the appearance of a larger gemstone at a lower cost, making it a popular choice for engagement rings.
Cluster rings offer a lot of scope for originality in designer jewellery, with endless options for customisation. You can choose from various gemstones, settings, and band styles to create a unique and personalised piece. Whether you’re looking for a bold statement piece or a delicate and intricate design, a cluster ring is a beautiful and eye-catching choice that will turn heads.