“Colour Our World….”

For those of you hoping for that special ring this year, why not bring some colour into your world.

Whilst Diamonds have been the ‘go-to’ choice for engagement rings in recent history, this has not always been so. Today’s woman wants a combination of an elegant and classic design but with a personal touch. To really stand out with a diamond you generally need to go bigger, or ironically, to a coloured diamond – which can do considerable harm to the budget!

So how do you find something original, personal, and eye popping? You guessed it – Colour!

With so many stunning hues to choose from, a beautiful gemstone will bring unparalleled individuality to your ring. Whether you love deep rich colour, or the softest touch, there is a stone for you.

Whilst Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby have been the most popular choices historically, there are so many more. Morganite, and Aquamarine are celebrity favourites, Pink Sapphire & Topaz – soft and pretty, or if you prefer a diamond check out the well-priced Champagnes & Cognacs (which unlike the Pink and Blues are excellent value) or for real Drama check out the Black Diamonds.

So if you are looking at stepping outside the norm, ask us about the wonderful world of coloured stones. Anyone who has ever studied gemstones would love to share the beauties and intricacies that brings colour to our world.