Peridot – ‘Gem of the Sun’ – Birthstone for August

There are several schools of thought for the pronunciation of Peridot, but in Australia it is generally pronounced with the ‘T’ at the end. (pair–uh-dot’)

Peridot is the Gem form of Olivine, and called Chrysolite in some countries. It is quite unique among gemstones as it is one of the few stones found in one colour only – Green. They range from yellowy- green to the most valuable olive green and are generally classed as a semi precious stone, however larger stones are rarer, and their prices are more comparable to other top quality gems.

Historically they were mined in Southern Egypt and the stone was associated with the Sun God Ra, hence the name – Gem of the Sun – although ironically the miners would search for the stones by night, as their colour showed more clearly by the light of the moon…..

Today the majority of commercial grade stones come from Arizona in the U.S., but the finest stones are to be found in Kashmir, Myanmar & Afghanistan.

The Peridot is called ‘The visionary’ stone – the colour refreshing the mind & enabling us to see & learn from our mistakes & enhancing our intuition. The stone is also used as a powerful tonic for the metabolic and intestinal organs.

Traditionally Peridot is associated with the month of August, and the Zodiac sign of Libra , and is the Anniversary gift for 16yrs of marriage – but take a fresh look at this beautiful gemstone, light and joyful and perfect to welcome Spring into your life.


Wedding Ring Trends 2016

For the girls….

Led by famous celebrities such as Scarlet Johanssen, Sarah Jessica Parker, Reese Witherspoon and Le-Ann Rimes – the new trend in wedding bands is ‘stacking’, using several diamond set bands side by side – The bands are simple, but contrasting & variety is the key – why stick to one colour when you can have two, or perhaps three? Rose gold continues to be a hot favourite in jewellery, and looks simply stunning mixed in with white gold or Platinum. You can add a ring for Anniversaries, the birth of your children, Birthdays…. So commemorate your milestones with a simple band of diamonds….

And for the men…..

Black has been in the spotlight these last couple of years. Cobalt, Tungtsen, Carbon Fibre….. Yes guys they look great and yes, they’re cheap – but these materials cannot be resized in the workshop.

Your wedding band is highly symbolic of one of the most important days in your life, and at some point you will need to have the ring sized (Regardless of how often you go to the gym –  believe me, age expands us all!)  For such a special piece, choose a metal that will last a lifetime and beyond…

So current trends are moving towards wider bands in the 8-10mm range, and plenty of texture. Simple wider bands with a rustic or textured finish are the new look, with white gold and Platinum still the most popular choices. You’ve never had such a large choice of rings to choose from, so express yourself with something –precious…