About Jewellery Design Studio


Jewellery Design Studio is the creation of two like minded individuals with a single vision of creating personalised quality jewellery. At the heart of the business is the creative team who will design a beautiful piece that is tailor made for your personal needs. Be part of this fascinating journey from pencil and paper to beautiful, joyful jewellery designed to compliment your personality and unique lifestyle.

We strive to combine both design and value, bringing beautiful stones from around the world at amazing prices. As Gemmologists and Valuers we are also able to advise you in choosing the most appropriate stone for your lifestyle and budget.

Whilst we create many new & beautiful pieces, we have a passion for extending the story of your existing jewellery and so, remodelling is an inspiring area of our business.

We value the past and are excited by the transformation that can occur when utilising existing stones and precious metals. In an age where everything is disposable recycling your jewellery is a magnificent example of how we can consider our planet and at the same time re-awaken the beauty lying within those inherited or older pieces.

We have enjoyed sharing our jewellery with many over the years, and look forward to meeting you in the future.